Money-smart students and improved financial wellbeing

Blackbullion South Africa delivers engaging and relevant content to help young South Africans make better financial decisions before, during and after University.

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Blackbullion is a financial wellbeing platform, used by over 700,000 students in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

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Blackbullion South Africa is the local adaptation of a global award-winning financial literacy product.

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Improve your students' financial outcomes through increased confidence, positive behaviour, and better decision-making regarding their finances.

Student Experience

“After completing the Blackbullion financial literacy pilot project I was well educated. I realised that one does not need thousands to start saving or making an income. Lack of financial literacy was affecting me emotionally. However after completing the Blackbullion project I felt supported”.

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“Blackbullion (South Africa) helped me organise my financial resources and to use them in the best possible way and invest in the future no matter how little you have.”

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Financial Wellbeing - How does it work?

Blackbullion South Africa delivers online content for students and youth, designed to develop essential money skills and financial confidence for life. Helping your organisation become a proactive force for supporting a young person's success.

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Interactive learning to improve student experience and financial wellbeing.

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Multimedia Learning

Engaging and effective personalised learning, delivered in 4 minute lessons, to encourage shifts in behaviour for future financial success.

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Progress Reward

Badges and “bullions” reward learning and progression through the content. Badges are “locked” until pathways or certain activities are completed, incentivising learning.

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Calculators and modelling tools, including student centric budget tools, to help students plan and navigate the complexity of student finance.

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Summative and formative assessments, paired with quiz questions, help students evaluate and retain their learning.

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WaFunda is Blackbullion's exclusive partner in South Africa